How to choose your destination

We’ve all been there. We’d really like to go abroad and plan our next trip but it is so hard to decide which country or city it should be. There are so many places worth a visit!

Everyone has a different way of deciding which place to go next. In this article I would like to tell you what is important for me or what helps me decide which place to go next. I don’t say that any other way is wrong, no. This is just the way that suits me the most.

Make a list of all the destinations you would like to go

I always redo my bucketlist of destinations every time i plan a new adventure. My list of countries to go to is always changing. Sometimes i really want to go to South Corea and the next time I am like “hm, no maybe not”. I carry this list with me for a couple of days and reread it a few times. Even in this short period I can change my mind about some countries. Only when I have 3 to 5 destinations left, I move to the next step.

Are there any terroristic activities going on?

Terroristic activities can happen everywhere around the world. In some places it is just more likely to happen. For example,  I would love to explore Syria. Right now, it is probably not the best idea. But who knows, maybe in a few months or years  the situation has stabilized. For me, that means at the moment i cancel Syria from my bucketlist of destinations. I want to feel safe everywhere I go. By safe I don’t mean, always sitting on the beach, let life passing me by and never try out how it feels like to do a basejump out of an airplane. By safe I mean, I don’t want to need to be afraid of bombs or that someone might kidnap me.
If one of the destinations on my list should have terroristic activities going on, I will cross it off.

What kind of vacation should it be

Do I want to lie on a beach the whole day and get a really nice tan? Do I want to go hiking? Do I want to go cliff diving or do some other adventurous stuff? Or do I want to go sightseeing?
This decision has not always something to do with the selection of the destination. But, for example if you have the Maldives on your list and you really would like to go hiking, maybe you should think of another country then. If you’d like to lie on the beach and relax then the Maldives are great.
After this step, I usually have decided, which destination it will be.


Yes, I know normally this is the first step you do when you plan a vacation. I do it a little bit different. Sometimes.
I would say that nearly every destination can be affordable. It doesn’t have to be the most luxurious resort or a flight with the most expensive airline. Maybe you have to cut down on some points. But for me, it’s absolutely worth it if it means that i can go on vacation. A good way to safe some money and have a memorable stay is getting a room over Airbnb. I only made awesome experiences.


All you have to do now, before you are ready to go is to book your adventure!
If you want, don’t mind getting in touch with me about which platforms I use to book flights, rooms, and maybe activities.